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Our Specialties


At University Foot & Ankle, our doctors and staff specialize in diagnosing and treating numerous foot and ankle conditions, along with foot and ankle surgery. With the latest advancements in equipment and technology, our doctors will help you return to a functional and pain free lifestyle.

Our doctors have vast experience in Diabetic and Geriatric Foot Care, Elective and Non-elective Foot Surgery, Reconstructive Foot and Ankle Surgery, Prophylactic Foot Surgery, and treating the following specific conditions:

Glass Bottles
o Heel Pain/Plantar Fasciitis
o Ingrown Toenails
o Fungal Toenails
o Bunions
o Hammertoes and Other Digital Deformities
o Warts
o Diabetic Foot Ulcerations
o Chronic Foot Wounds
o Lower Extremity Swelling and Edema
o Puncture Wounds and Foreign Bodies of the Foot
o Arthritic Foot and Ankle Issues
o Infections
o Metatarsalgia
o Poor Circulation
o Ankle sprains and instability
o Athlete’s Foot
o Corns and Callouses
o Neuromas
o Heel Spurs
o Injuries
o Foot and ankle fractures

Waiting Room
o Fracture Repair of Foot and Ankle
o Adult and Pediatric Flatfoot Reconstruction
o Foot and Ankle Trauma
o Soft Tissue Trauma, including Achilles Tendon Rupture Limb Preservation
o Sports Injuries, including High Ankle Sprains
o Musculotendinous Balancing Procedures
o Arthroscopic Surgery of the Foot and Ankle
o Lower Extremity Realignment
o Nerve Decompression Surgery

Onychomycosis Treatment from Cutera

University Foot and Ankle is also the only podiatric center in the region to offer treatment for onychomycosis with GenesisPlus, a fast and effective laser treatment designed to increase clear nail in patients without drug therapy. Developed by the industry experts Cutera, GenesisPlus is the premium podiatric laser for toes and feet.

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